Imagine that you are on the back porch and it’s 110+ degrees outside.  The sweat is unbearable, the heat is unrelenting, and even with AC, it still feels like it’s roasting. Fortunately, there is relief in sight.  A great chilled Rose’ that can magically transport you to a cool place for a moment. Though we have no information on the bottle detailing the exact varietals this Rose’ was a blend of, we can tell you it’s still quite damn good for its age.  It’s smooth with a honey note and still very fruit forward. Sipping this chilled just helps cool your soul with satisfying sensations from the inside out.  If it’s not blistering hot outside, this wine still pairs wonderfully with a spicy dish and drinks nicely on its own, too. Stay cool, wine friends, fall is just a short few more weeks away! 

IMG_0893 - Vineyard at Gruene - Rose - 2010