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Perched up high on the hills of the Texas Hill Country is a great new Texas winery and vineyard for your viewing and tasting pleasures.  Originally from New York, owners Regan and Carey Meador are not only resident transplants, but have transplanted their winery to Texas as well.  They’ve picked one of the best Hill Country locations and views for their new adventures in Texas wines.  They have been opened since August and the interest in this brand-new place has grown.  While plans are in the works for their own Texas wine making, you can enjoy many of their great wines they produced from their former New York location.  The 2014 Sauvignon Blanc is well rounded and crisp for these never-ending Texas summer days. The 2015 Sparkling Lagrein is nice and we enjoyed this while celebrating their new opening in Texas. The 2015 Lagrein (non-sparkling) is another great comparison of this red varietal.  The “Devil Makes Three” is their Bordeaux style red.  It is a blend of Cabernet Franc 69%, Malbec 20%, Merlot 11%.  Keep holding on to this bottle and it will be even more delightful.  There are many more great options on their tasting menu, so it’s a good excuse to return!  The owner’s plan for an estate vineyard is to do hill side plots on the north side with low yielding vines.  This should bode well for their future Rhone style wine plans, minimal touching of grapes, and concrete tank fermentation.  What’s not to like about this place?  With their intuition and experience, they should do quite well on the 20-acre estate. Take a jog north of the busy HWY 290 wine trail sometime and check them out.  You’ll love the fantastic 360 views of the Pedernales Valley, the great company, and some great wine.  Enjoy, our wine friends!

IMG_9087 - Southold Farm + Cellar


Wow!  It’s been seven years at this.  While some may start getting that seven-year itch at doing something and bail, we’re getting that itch to crave more!  While we will have many new varietals and styles of wines on the list to try, we will still honor our past and ensure we enjoy and share with you some of those unique and age worthy wines as well in future postings.  Here’s to looking forward to seven years and more! Cheers to our fans and followers who have joined our journey and stuck with us along the way! We appreciate you as much as the great wine and winemakers we’ve shared through this fun adventure.


You’ll want to take a trip down the country dirt road for this winery trek, because you’ll eventually end up at a very peaceful and picturesque location, with lots of wine available for you to sample. The Johnson’s (Stan and Mary) and Cooke’s (John and Kari) teamed up using their backgrounds in horticulture and winemaking to make dreams come true and started the Whistling Duck winery.   They started out planning vines on the 17-acre family ponderosa. Over the years, they’ve continued to add to the rows and now have about 4 acres of Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish planted.  Up near the Dublin/Stephenville area, is another 55-acre family farm where they have 3 acres of Tempranillo, Viognier, and Malbec planted. They opened in 2014 and now have many wines to choose from for tasting.  You get to choose from a diverse selection of white to red and dry to sweet.  The people at Texas Custom Wine Works have assisted them with the wine production.  The 2015 dry Blanc du Bois is a light and smooth enjoyable white wine.  The 2016 Viognier is semi- sweet with honey and apricot notes and a touch of effervescence.  The Friday Night Whites is a white blend of Blanc du Bois, Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli.  It’s citrus aromas and tropical notes will help transport you to that remote island relaxation mode.  The Pura Vida is a nice Muscat Canelli that’s very elegant with its citrus and melon notes.  The Texas Sparkler is an off-dry Blanc du Bois. It’s very refreshing and once again shows how this varietal has found its calling!  If you like the semi-sweet Blanc du Bois style wine, do try the Long Road Home.  For the Black Spanish grape, their 2015 Lenoir has a nice fruit forward appealing taste.  For an off-dry Lenoir, check out their 2015 Buzzard Head.  It has a lighter texture and is smooth. The 2015 Tempranillo is very dry and quite peppery!  You’ll be in for a delight with the Chocolate Duck. Made with infused chocolate and almonds coupled with a Ruby Cabernet, it is very delicious and has the power to charm the sweet and chocolate addict!  Finally, you’ll get to sample their own Sangria recipe.  It employs their Cattle Guard Sweet Red (Tempranillo) as the base married by citrus and sparkle, it is quite the delightful refreshing end to your tasting journey. The friendly and warm hosts and the inviting and relaxing country setting implores you to slow down and set a spell as you take in the nice country air and enjoy the fruits of the vine. This little piece of heaven is a place where you can unwind and let your worries escape as you enjoy all the beauty of the season with good company, attentive service, and a good selection of wines to tempt your palate. Cheers!

IMG_8996 - Whistling Duck Vineyard & Winery

Aging has balanced out this wine quite well. This Spanish style red wine is a Tempranillo blend of 70% Tempranillo, 15% Mourvèdre, 5% Grenache, 5% Carignan and 5% Syrah.  It is quite delicious and still exhibits the wonderful flavors that delight the red wine lover. The smoothness and rich mouth feel that coats your palate makes this wine worth doing the side-to-side swish across your tongue.  Soft tannins only add to the delicate taste of this beauty.  Yes, the Texas High Plains fruit shows its ability to age well in a finely crafted bottle such as this. Whether you pair it with Spanish, Italian, French or Texas style cuisine, you’ll find this to be a well-suited wine for dinner.  Enjoy!


Another fine wine from Mexico!  This rich red blend represents great quality from the Valle de Guadalupe wine region.  We received multiple insights regarding what the exact blend is, but the most reliable so far says 10% Tempranillo, 60% Carignan, 20% Grenache, 10% Sryah.  It’s a nice dry bold fruit wine with excellent tannins.  The color is red to violet with notes of prunes and caramel initially followed by some smokiness to compliment the sensory experience.  There is also a bit of minerality to add to the tasting notes, which is pleasantly unique to this terroir.  On the finish, this one is nice and smooth leaving you longing for more!  This fresh and balanced red wine is a keeper  so it’s worth stocking up a few bottles and saving a few to sip later. Enjoy!


If you want to take a drive off the beaten path and really get way out into the middle of nowhere in the country,  then this might be your winery destination. Stop, relax, and have fun while you get ready to sample a wealth of offerings at City Scape Winery.  The current owners, Josh and Deb Jones, bought the winery from Wayne and Anita Tamme last year.  The winery has been open for about eight years. Josh and Deb had been practicing wine making prior to buying the winery and were delighted to take over the business at City Scape when the opportunity arose. The location and setting is quite beautiful.  The tasting room is relaxing with a welcoming cozy feel. There are about two acres currently planted on the twelve-acre estate.  Carlos and Noble Muscadine vines can be found here in addition to some Black Spanish. They also source from other vineyards to help supplement their production.  All wines are made on site.   You’ll get to  try a nice selection of wines from whites, to blushes, to reds, and yes….dessert!  The Pineapple Riesling is really special and will put smile on your face.  Their white Muscadines are a nice surprise. The Palmetto Gold white Muscadine has a little bit of a whisky taste to it!  You’ll really like the Raspberry White Zin which has the expected raspberry notes.  Their red Muscadine wines are not harsh at all and pack lovely fruit flavors that make them quite pleasant.  The Carolina Nights is a mix of Blackberry, Merlot, and Noble.  Nothing is overpowering and it comes across as well balanced.  Their Dark Chocolate Red is a proprietary blend that pairs very well with dark chocolate.  They’ve also made a good light tasting Blackberry Merlot.  When you end off your tasting with the Coffee Delight (port style wines) you might want to be outside on the patio to relish the surrounding scenery.  These are some good quality wines to enjoy at a great price. The owners have plans for renovations and enhancements for the estate that include a bed and breakfast. It’s a super friendly place to sit, sip, and enjoy the pleasant county side of South Carolina. Stop by and sip a spell!


This small boutique winery has been around since the 1970’s.  In 2009, Linda and Mike McWilliams became the new owners and have since established three tasting room locations in the San Diego area.  They focus on small batch hand crafted wines which concentrate a lot of love and hard work into some quality wine.  Grapes are sourced from area vineyards as well as California viticulture areas.  We visited the Seaport Village location which is a great downtown place along the bay to hang out, visit and enjoy sipping wine.  They have many great wines to choose from for your tasting.  For this visit, we tried a couple of the whites and reds, along with a fruit wine.  Their 2015 Chardonnay comes across as very clean and quite crisp.  A very good afternoon choice for a long hot summer day.  The 2015 Rose’ is made from Cabernet Franc. It’s not too dry or sweet and has some lovely candy apples notes toward the finish. The 2013 Malbec is quite opaque with strong tannins and a rich, earthy mouth puckering feel.  The 2013 Zinfandel has a little spice to complement the berry flavors with just a touch of cedar aroma.  Now the Passion Fruit Blanc is to die for!  Locally sourced, it’s very, very clear and light colored but packs a very luscious tropical flavor that’s quite addictive. Bring a wine suitcase, because you’ll be dreaming of throwing a Hawaiian party when you bring many of these Passion Fruit bottles back with you. This is a really great quality wine bar addition to the San Diego community. It fits right in with the lifestyle and the people. When in the area, stop by and get acquainted with their wines, you won’t be disappointed!  Enjoy!

IMG_8766 - San Pasqual Winery