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This hidden gem on the western side of US HWY 183 in Bertram is worth your wine trekking travel stop.  Owners Gail and Kenny Fowler opened their tasting room five years ago. Long time Texas wine fans might remember them from the Lakeway Winery at the Oasis. Retired firefighter, Kenny, developed the theme for the winery and the décor with firefighter paraphernalia such has a fire hydrant out front, and interior walls decorated with fire patches, helmets and even some firehoses curled up on the floor.  Not to mention that many of the wines’ names are firefighter related. Their grapes and juice are sourced from the Texas High Plains as well as from other areas across the state.  There is an A-to-Z selection from white, rosé, red, and sweet wines. On this visit, we started off with the two whites on the menu, both of which will help quench a very hot Texas summer thirst.  The Viognier is dry and crisp with a bit of oak on the nose.  The 2019 Engine 12 is a Rhone style blend of Viognier, Roussanne, and Marsanne. It is very well balanced and floral with some citrus notes and a bit of oak on the finish. The Rescue Rosé is Cinsault based and will fill your palate with fresh ripe strawberry and black currant flavors – a wine great to sip or pair with a variety of food options. For the reds, we started with the Engine 39. This red beast is a Barbera with rich cherry and blackberry notes and a hint of vanilla. The wine had good tannins and acids (should pair nicely with meaty pasta dishes). We tried the Cabernet Franc called The Specialist.  Cherry and plums dominated this red gem. Most everyone knows how dominant Tempranillo is in Texas wineries and the 2019 Ignite is their take on this Texas varietal. It is quite bold, with firm tannins, bright acids, and plum aromas with a bit of nut on the finish. Bring on your best ribeye with that monster!  For the sweet wines, check out the Cadet.  It has a rhubarb flavor with strawberry bouquet and makes a light sweet summer sipper.  For port lovers, they save the best for last with the Extinguisher.  Twelve years in the making (part barrel and bottle aged), this crown jewel is rich in pecan, caramel, and dried fruit. On the horizon, they should be releasing a Sangiovese in the future. With a very nice quiet setting in the country overlooking the vineyard, this is a good spot for chilling and sipping. Check them out when in the area or planning a wine outing and be on the lookout for their food wine dinners. Always a treat to find new wineries and tasting rooms, so explore and enjoy!

Located in the Hemisphere Park area of San Antonio, Re:Rooted elevates the experience of what an urban wine bar should be. This has been a dream in the making for Jennifer Beckmann, who has been planning this winery since 2017. Not only is she a fantastic Sommelier, but practically a natural at educating people on wine experiences.  Many long time Texas wine fans will recognize Jennifer from her professional Texas resume: from her initial days at Perissos, to Bending Branch, to Kuhlman, and finally Slate Mill before she jumped into her own lane. Re:Rooted not only brings to life that decade of Texas winery experience, but her previous professional experiences and more importantly…passion for great wine. The wine bar name relates to quite literally re-rooting her wines and business plans here as well as the area code of San Antonio. After covid related delays, Jennifer was finally able to open in February of 2021. Re:Rooted focuses on wines on tap to enjoy by the glass or growler. Growler and not by the bottle?  Why, yes!  Instead of straight from aging to bottling, wine is stored in petainer kegs where it can then be poured into a glass or used to fill up a growler and take home and then reuse – like the locals do things in Europe. Not only is there no difference in quality, but it certainly saves a great deal of waste and time associated with bottling. Jennifer oversees and drives the Re:Rooted label brand and blending that is made from 100% Texas grapes. She works with some of the Hill Country and High Plains partners for crushing, fermentation, aging and blending.  The modern industrial style decor for this 2000+ square feet site is amazing. With the cool repurposed aircraft fixtures that artistically became modern art light fixtures, along with the high ceilings and concrete floors, the vibe here is nothing less than spectacular.  In addition to the Re:Rooted wines, there are also a number of Texas wines featured that enables one to experience what’s “out there”.  So, what are Re:Rooted wines like? For the whites, the tasting menu starts with the 2019 Cable Car. Named after the days when there were cable cars at Hemisphere Park, this white blend of 55% Roussanne and 45% Viognier embraces you with peach and jasmine aromas and bright acidity. The 2020 Roussanne has bit of a lemon zest with a touch of vanilla. For the reds, the 2019 Mourvèdre has a “Pinot Noir” feel to it and is very fruit forward with raspberries and good minerality. The 2019 Cinco Colmillos (bottled) is a brand featuring 5 varieties. The 2019 vintage has 35% Carignan, 30% Syrah, 14% Mourvedre, 11% Counoise, and 10% Grenache.  It has big fruit on the nose, great acidity, and a bit of peppercorn, too. The unique artwork on this label is fantastic, as well. The Riverwalk is a non-vintage easy sipper that will vary annually in its composition. This “year’s” has 86% Tempranillo (a Texas 2017), 11% Sangiovese, and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is big on black cherries along with some delightful cocoa notes.  A 2018 Malbec should be arriving on the menu soon along with an Aglianco. Check back frequently to see how the line-up and the blends change…and consider the growler program!  Location, location, location can be everything. Not only does this wine bar have a great location for traffic, but an ideal location to help introduce visitors to the city and state, on what Texas has to offer in wonderful wines. If you want to venture out to the Texas wine country and experience more, Jennifer can provide suggestions as well. Had a less than stellar experience with a Texas wine?  Jennifer will help reset that bar and direct you into a far better experience, providing you with a positive, fun, and educational tasting. We look forward to coming back for more great wine, fun, and enjoyment in future trips to Re:Rooted and San Antonio. Viva la Re:Rooted and cheers!

Founded in 2021 by Scott Monette and Mirta Leon Poiseu, this brand-new winery in Mason is really showing off how well Spanish varieties can do in Texas.  The Mason Art and Wine festival last April 2nd was their big “first day” event and it seems like they have made a big impression with many Texas wine fans.  Scott had started out as a California wine drinker, but after a few trips to some fine Texas wineries and sampling what has been made recently, he was quite impressed and decided to take the deep dive into the Texas winery business. The focus of Saba Winery is on Spanish style wines along with some of the history associated with the Mason area. The owners have set aside about 15 acres of their own future estate grapes in the far northwestern frontier of the Texas Hill Country in Menard County. Some of the grapes they will be planting include Graciano, Grenache, and Carignan along with PicPoul Blanc. They also have a great mentor, John Rivenburgh working with them. Using John’s incubator project, this new winery is certainly off to the right start and in great hands.  For the wines, the names and images on the labels all have references to the early Spanish days in Texas along with a good story. Sourced from Buena Suerte Vineyards in the Texas High Plains AVA, the 2020 Mission Rosé is a 50/50 blend of Tempranillo and Grenache.  It has a light fruity fragrance on the nose and ripe strawberries on the palate.  The fruit for the 2019 Norteño Red comes from Tad Daniel Vineyards of the high plains. This blend of Tempranillo, Sangiovese, and Alicante Bouschet displays strong ripe cherries followed a touch of spice on the nose.  Also sourced from Tad Daniel Vineyard is the 2019 Presidio Red.  This 80/20 Tempranillo-Souzao blend is bold and fruit forward and should pair quite nicely with your favorite meat dish. There is also a Two Rivers white available (named after the land between the San Saba and Llano rivers) as well as an upcoming red blend called 5 Hippies Red (named after wine pioneering influencers). In addition to the great wines, you will love the tasting rooms interior space themed in Spanish styled décor. Plus, the tapas are to die for!  This place is a great addition to the up-and-coming Mason wine scene! Come to Mason and see for yourself and say hello to one of the newest fun spots on the square.  Salud!

“That cave…oh, that wine cave!”  This will likely be one of the lasting first impressions you’ll have after visiting this place. Randy Jones, who also owns Slate Mill Wine Collective, has transformed the former Torre di Pietra location into something incredible. Many Texas wine trekkers up and down HWY 290 may have noticed the somewhat lengthy construction at the site. It has been a long time coming, but patience has paid off. The uniqueness and artistic quality of this new winery is certainly a one of kind. The original tasting room of Torre di Pietra has been transformed into an open free flowing concept and the 14+ acre vineyard in the back is still there. There are now some additional covered and open patio locations, a huge production facility and…And…AND a wine cave! It is definitely a real treat just to walk through, but yes, you can wine taste in cave, as well.  With huge arched ceilings, living walls (aka plants growing on it), and a lot of barrels aging future wines, this is certainly and place that can ease the mind and soothe the soul. To bring even more uniqueness to this winery is the theme of mental illness awareness. More like an effort to destigmatize some of the preconceived characterization of mental health. This effort is done very well with not only the label names of the wines, but also the surrounding artistry at the location. Speaking of the wines here, they are all 100% Texas sourced from estate locations Randy owns as well as partner vineyards. For the whites, there is a white blend called the Psychiatrist that has an elegant tropical like feel to it. Yes, they do have a Roussanne! This 2020 High Plains sourced fruit has a touch of vanilla and fresh ripe fruit notes. To make their “stamp” on Texas Rosés is an incredible crisp and dry 2020 Cinault. For the reds, start off with The Narcoleptic, 2017. This Syrah/Grenacne/Mourvedre blend has a touch of earthiness and rich cherry flavors. Next up is The Paranoid, 2018. With 80% Souzao and 20% Aglianico, you’ll pick up on notes of vanilla with mature dark fruit. Did someone say Malbec? Their 2017 release packs some intense berry flavors with notes of pepper. In winery’s own take of a Bordeaux-style wine, The Schizophrenic takes the show! This 2017 release is very well balanced, end-to-end mouthfeel, a hint of leather, and some fine lingering tannins. You can be the judge if it’s “left or right bank” material. The warm and family-oriented hospitality here will make you feel more than welcomed to come back again. This is truly a unique Texas winery with a focused and much needed goal on mind and soul, plus great wine! Allora, cin cin ragazzi, alla vostra salute!

When one sees Robert Clay Vineyards (RCV) as the fruit source for a Texas wine, then you know for sure exceptional quality is in store. For the few Texas wineries that have had this fruit in their wines, you know what “damn good” is!  Now with their own tasting room in Mason, Texas, one can taste RCV wines and truly appreciate what greatness is.  Mason County has been known as one of those special unique places for Texas high quality grape growing within the Texas Hill Country AVA. Originally planted in 1996 by Paul and Nancy Buist, Robert Clay Vineyards (named after their two sons) sits within one of those ideal microclimate locations for vineyards.  Located along Hickory Sandstone formation, the soil, climate, and 1700ft+ elevation have been ideal for key varieties.  During the “pioneer” days of Texas grape growing, The Buists planted 16 acres on their 50-acre land, most notably planting Touriga National.  Dan McLaughlin came along in 2012 and assumed caretaking that the vineyards badly needed. By cutting back the vines and focusing on natural farming practices, the grapes being yielded are out of this world.  Dan added some more vinifera bringing the vineyard sections up to about 20 acres. In addition to Touriga and the original plantings, he is growing Chardonnay, Viognier, Barbera, Cabernet, Merlot, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Syrah, and Tempranillo. Dan’s meticulous hands-on job is central to his farming practices.  That, along with holistic and sustainable methods, nature has certainly rewarded his hard work with incredible fruits of life.  Dan uses the same hands-on approach to his winemaking techniques. With quality fruit, great wine will follow! Already sourced from the vineyard, the rest of the minimal intervention approach to winemaking is just making sure that natural fermentation and aging goes as it should. If you’ve been to some Mason events, then you may have already been graced with tasting some of Dan’s wines.  For the wines in the tasting room, you will be treated with a fantastic selection.  The 2018 Chardonnay is proof that Texas can grow and make top quality Chard! Blind taste if you need or pinch yourself if you think you’re dreaming, but it is the real deal.  For Rosés, both the 2018 CGSM and Barbera are quite refreshing for those hot Texas summer and fall days. Recently, a 2018 Barbera sparkling was released in a Rosé style using Pet-Nat methods that is worth your bubbly sipping time.  You may have already tried the 2015 Merlot at Mason events and at a few “undisclosed” restaurants, but this three-year barrel aged wine and over three years aged in the bottle is one you will cherish! The 2015 Sangiovese is the only one on the list not from the estate vineyards. Sourced from Mandola Vineyards, this six-year barrel aged red wine has great color depth, flavor intensity, and an end-to-end after taste that will certainly make you crave more.  There is a 2016 vintage of Touriga National, a vintage that you can buy and perhaps taste, as well. It is rich, bold and can easily be on par with many top-notch wines produced from this grape.  Additionally, on the tasting menu is an RTM. Made from 75% Ruby Cabernet, 15% Touriga, and 10% Merlot, this 40-month French oak aged jewel has great balance, good acids, and an exceptional fruit profile.  There is more to say about this place, but on-site experience is the best way to enjoy. Time has already judged these wines to be setting the high bar and the future looks very bright. Robert Clay Vineyards grapes and the wines are a true labor of love in good hands with a dedicated focus on growing quality fruit and crafting fabulous wines that express Mason County well!

Well, you are in for a unique treat with this latest HWY 290 winery in the Texas Hill Country! Opened two years ago by owner Clayton Itz, this family run winery has been bringing some quality crafted wines from South America and South Africa to Central Texas. The fabulous high ceiling architecture in the tasting room and impressive quality woodwork is all thanks to Clayton and his personal handy work. The Itz family uses their personal relationship with key vineyards and winemakers from south of the equator to bring their own great tasting creations for you to enjoy. Wines are sourced primarily from the Western Cape area of South Africa, Mendoza region of Argentina, and the Lontue and Curico Valleys of Chile.  Pretty cool wine areas, right?  Just wait until you dive into the many selections of wines available for tasting. Starting off with the Chilean 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, your senses will be enveloped with great citrus aromas and light pineapple flavors. The next white we tried was the 2020 Tres Cielos. This white blend of 59% Sauvignon Blanc, 35% Sauvignon Gris and 6% Sauvignon Ver will more than likely set off your spicy senses with the well-balanced nature of these three whites (this one has a bit of Jalapeno on the nose and palate, too). Next up, was the 2020 Chardonnay which was filled with papaya notes, some slight buttery sensation, and finished off refreshing and clean. Like Torrontes?  This Argentinian white from the Mendoza region will please you in countless ways. Full of wonderful floral notes and hints of citrus and pears, what’s not to like about this wine?  For the reds, we enjoyed the 2019 Carménère. This “lost grape” will fill your palate with rich plums, a touch of pepper, and a clean silky finish.  Get ready for a big tasting Cabernet Sauvignon with their 2019 release. With rich red fruit and a heady aroma, this wine is nice with a smooth texture.  For South African wines, we tried the 2017 Pinotage. Garnet in color, the rich black fruit with a smoky texture demands that mouthwatering BBQ you’ve been craving for. For the Chilean Malbec, this 2019 vintage had rich raspberries that lingered along with a savory tobacco finish. Watching the pouring of the ruby red 2018 Cabernet Franc was a vision of delight. Those herbaceous notes teased the nose along with a big firm tannin grip, making this wine not for the lighthearted, but for serious dry red wine drinkers. On the sweeter side, check out the 2019 Moscato. The honeysuckle and floral notes with a hint of citrus helps bring that refreshed feeling on warm summer afternoons. But wait!  Try the 2020 Andean White. This proprietary blend explodes with very rich honeysuckle and grapefruit to round out that tropical sensation. There are more delicious wines to try, so do come check them out and see for yourself. In addition to the inside tasting room, there is a large gorgeous back area that is filled with shady sitting places and juvenile tress plus great views to help put you in that relaxed wine sipping state of mind. This is a great opportunity to try wines with different terroir and varietals not grown in Texas. This should be a safari trip you plan on your next Texas Hill Country adventure.  Salud!

Bingham is certainly no stranger to the Texas wine industry.  Having supplied many wineries with their quality grapes, it is not uncommon to see Bingham as the source vineyard on Texas wine labels.  This multigenerational family has roots in Texas farming that goes back to the early 1900s.  Cotton, peanuts, black-eyed peas, and sesame seeds have and continue to be part of their agricultural heritage. They started the process in the 1990s to be certified organic.  In 2003 they planted their first grapevines of Viognier and Gewürztraminer. That has since grown to over 200 acres of 25+ varieties of grapes. About seventy five percent of their grape harvest goes to various wineries throughout Texas. It is interesting to see how different winemakers at wineries make their wine, even with the same source and vintage, ultimately still tasting uniquely their own, which is a nod to the ever-diverse creativity going on among wineries. Bingham Vineyards keeps about 10% of the grape harvest for their own wine production, with the rest going out for sale as bulk wine. Wine production is kept small to craft quality boutique wines. They made their first Bingham bottle in 2014 and in 2015 they opened a tasting room in Grapevine, Texas.  In 2018, they opened another tasting room on the eastern outskirts of Fredericksburg.  We visited the Fredericksburg location and were quite impressed with both the rustic decor and the wines. A lot of reclaimed wood was used in the building construction and with the high ceilings it gives a more inviting and relaxed feel. So, what about their estate wines? Well, they do have an impressive selection that you can choose from. Pick your favorite flight style and you cannot go wrong.  There is literally something for everyone here. For the white wine flight, we started off with the 2019 Trebbiano. The citrus and lemon notes along with light acids really highlighted some of the best flavors of this wine. Roussanne has certainly been making a great strong showing in Texas white wines. Their 2019 vintage has that rich feel and balanced acids that will make you love this sipper. But wait! There is also a 2018 Reserve Roussanne that you must try. With a touch of oak and good vanilla notes combined with that rich, full mouthfeel, we think you might fall in love with this one. Many long time Texas wine fans know how Viognier helped make a strong showing for Texas whites and their 2019 wine is right on the mark. It is a bit softer than some other Texas Viogniers, with a light creaminess. We can see why this 2020 San Francisco Viognier winner stood out. Marsanne is another up and coming white wine in the state and their 2019 release has just the right floral notes combined with the flavors of lemon and pineapple.  Texas Rosé wines are also seeing increased interest over the last few years and their 2019 Sunset Rosé is no exception. Made from Mourvèdre and Carignan, this smooth drinking Rosé is a great Texas chiller to refresh your palate with on warm summer days. You will be equally pleased with their reds and the 2018 Turnrow is a great starter. Made with Mourvèdre, Dolcetto, Carignan, and Tempranillo, you might be asking where is that artisan pizza at to pair with it. Like Carignan?  They have great 2018 vintage that is both smooth with a hint of spice. Tempranillo is certainly the “big” red grape that helped put Texas on the wine map and their 2018 release is on par with good Texas Temps. It is full bodied with lots of rich plums to envelope your palate. Their 2017 reserve Tempranillio as some earthy undertones, is rich in blackberry fruit and has a great long finish. The single varietal 2018 Dolcetto is bold with big intense fruit aromas. They also have a good Bordeaux style blend made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. This 2017 Bordeaux style blend called Dugout, named after their family’s original homestead heritage, is quite well balanced, has a smooth feel, rich berries, moderate acids, and a good lingering finish. It made a great showing at the 2020 San Francisco as a gold medal winner!  For the sweets, do checkout the 2019 Moscato Giallo It has just the right lushness on the nose and that silky, citrus feel that puts the yum in every drop. You should not leave without trying the Fine ‘n Dandy sweet red. As a nod to Eddie Bingham, this light red wine has some pecan flavors to it for that added delight.  This is a great tasting room to visit. The staff will make you feel warm and welcomed.  Additionally, the team in the tasting room are quite knowledgeable and will even have some excellent pairing suggestions. The price points on the wines are quite affordable, so stock up. Visit, stay, and enjoy!

Sparkling wine from Texas is nothing new, but they have been gaining more traction in recent years. Many long-time wine fans of Grape Creek Vineyards might remember that “little known” 2013 Sparkling released many moons ago.  A couple of years ago though, that sparkling endeavor and dream, gave birth to what is now Heath Sparkling Wines.  You will be captivated by the buildings sleek hip architecture and open floor plan.  The full view of the estate vineyards is a great backdrop to have when tasting or sipping the bubblies outside.  Of course, the real show here are the sparkling wines. Made in the Méthode Champenoise way, grapes are sourced from the Hill Country estate as well as their Texas High Plains vineyard partners. Patience is everything with these jewels from the initial cuvée to secondary fermentation. You can expect these bottles to wait 2-3 years before they land in your sipping glass.   Currently, there are four sparkling wines for tasting. Each are paired with a different cheese bite to compliment the tasting experience. First up is the Blanc de Blancs. Made from Chardonnay, this brut style bubbly is clean and crisp with notes of delicious apples and a mouthful of delightful bubbles plus an ever so slight sweet sensation.  The 2018 Euphoria is a blend of 75% Chenin Blanc and 25% Trebbiano. The pale straw color and medium sized bubbles is a great eye catcher in addition to the long-lasting lingering flavors of peaches and melons.  Next in the lineup is the 2017 Ebullience.  It is an old style ramato wine blended with 88% Pinot Grigio and 8% Chenin Blanc. It has a golden color and slight oakiness to it. With medium bubbles, grapefruit will pleasantly greet you with a slight tartness for this extra brut sparkling.  To finish this fantastic tasting, is the 2018 Adoration. Blended with 88% Pinot Noir and 12% Chardonnay, the rose-pink hue, moderate bubbles, and refreshing floral notes will be a great pleaser to finish this delightful tasting.  The staff here a great, knowledgeable, and helpful as they take you thru your journey and show you the bottling experience on the state of art display screens at every tasting bar. They are only exceeded by the quality of the sparkling wines served. International wine competition wins have certainly helped elevate the respectability of what Texas can do with sparkling wine. If you have not stopped in for a visit yet, you should. This is a fantastic venue, with a great team and a beautiful product to share. Come by and enjoy the new wines and meet new friends. Cheers!

The early beginnings of a family-owned boutique winery are perhaps the best times to visit. Everything is new, fresh and the owners are all too happy to tell you everything about their new place.  There is no doubt that the Bilger Family’s heart and soul is in their winery business. Andy and Elena Bilger as well as Andy’s brother Michael, have put much love and wine thought into these big plans.  The family broke ground on their dream of Adega Vinho, Portuguese for “Wine Cellar”, in 2016 and planted their first vines the following year.  Their estate vineyard primarily focuses on about 14 varieties of Portuguese and Italian grapes. Michael Bilger is certainly no stranger to Texas wines. He previously worked under Ron Yates and has now undertaken his own “attention to detail” in every aspect from growing fruit to crafting wine.  Even though it is about a 50-acre estate, the current goal is to establish a sustainable and manageable 20 acres of grapevines. In addition to the vineyard management and wine quality, their goal is to keep production small at 3000 cases per year. With an on-site production facility, maintaining control over all aspects of wine production will be a must for controlling quality. The site was opened to the public in 2020. You will notice the majestic and beautiful vineyard when entering the estate followed by the well shaded oak grove in front of the tasting room. Upon entering the tasting room (besides being greeted by enthusiastic staff) you will likely be mesmerized by the trapezoidal architecture and eclectic art on the walls. Most of the wines currently being served are Texas High Plains sourced.  There is nothing on the wine list that you will be displeased with in our opinion, they are all winners. The 2019 Viognier is a winning combination of fruit, minerality and butter that should make a white wine lover out of you!  The 2020 Tempranillo Rosé is from the estate.  You may be surprised at its full-bodied feel and creamy, smoky notes, but it is a Rosé. The Pordosol is a 50/50 blend of Mourvedre and Tempranillo.  The softer taste and lighter red color help set the mood for an excellent sunset sipper. Their Italian wine, 2018 Sangiovese, has well balanced acids and a fruitiness with cocoa aromas.  One of their early wines, the 2016 Syrah, is a real treat. This rich drinking red has great depth, some spicy notes with a hint of mint, and some lingering chalkiness. It is drinking well but go ahead and lay down some bottles for more surprise sipping in a few years. It seems Tannat is everywhere nowadays, but their dark colored 2018 Tannat is smooth with cherry aromas and a medium finish. Sourced from Newsom Vineyards, the 2018 Tempranillo is still fairly fruit forward with raspberry notes and a touch of smokiness.  Get ready for a superb Mourvedre. The 2017 release is a reserve and explodes with herbal notes and cherries with a lingering tobacco and oak finish. Save the best for last and slowly enjoy the 2019 Grenache. With a hint of orange peel and cinnamon, you may be thinking how many bottles your significant other will let you purchase. The family has plans to offer a field blend of Tinta Cao in addition to a Touriga National.  The owners and staff all feel strongly that Touriga’s future is with their wines. It has been a long dry spell visiting new wineries with the 2020 pandemic, but this was the right visit to get back into the wine groove.  This place is an extra special getaway from the busy US 290 corridor as it sits tucked in on a side road in a lovely quiet spot. It will be exciting to see what unfolds with the Bilger’s piece of Hill Country terroir. We cannot wait to see what the future brings for this very bright beginning. Saúde!

Although this Portuguese varietal is often associated with port wines or blending, some wineries have shown that this grape can be made into an outstanding single varietal wine. This Bending Branch version is a testament to how fine wine can be made from Souzao. Sourced from Silvaspoons Vineyards of the Lodi region, this red wine explodes with bold deep flavors that you might have thought were exclusive to other typical red wines. It can be tart at first, but just letting it breathe for a good hour will take care of that. This wine has some great acid levels that lend to perfect meal pairings with meaty dishes and proteins. Even at just 12.5% alcohol, the balance and character of this wine is amazing. Some fantastic blackberry notes will envelope your senses followed by some tobacco. There is just a touch of cocoa towards the end complimented by that classic long-lasting finish. This is a bottle worth savoring and enjoying with a nice meal. You will want more, so stock up well on this one in your cellar. Cheers!

Bending Branch Winery - Souzao - NV