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Oh man!  This white Viognier tastes amazing after all these years beyond its release. Color aging…almost nil!  Aromas.…very fragrant.  And the flavors…bold with some spice and mango.  The finish is even still quite long and overall this wine remains very refreshing.  Who is up for another?  Hats off to Driftwood for this excellent Viognier.  Double cheers that it lasted so long via cellaring and retained its beauty!

IMG_9117 - Driftwood Winery - Viognier - 2010


A little aging and a lot of patience does lead to great surprises!  This lovely inky red wine still has some very nice robust structure. We enjoyed pouring this wine into the glass and watching the colors unfold.  It’s part of the dedicated wine lover mission to enjoy our research and how the wine tantalizes the senses. We discerned some tobacco and leather on the entry, which tapered off quickly followed by hints of spice and nutmeg. The finish lingers with a cross between mint and bittersweet cocoa.  It is slightly acidic, so bring on those nice fatty dishes.  This wine is probably at the end of its peak.  Savor now and bid this fine classic from Spicewood “adieu”. Cheers!

IMG_9115 - Spicewood Vineyards - Touriga Nacional - 2008

You just never know what you may find in your cellar that surprises you.  This signature South Africa varietal still expresses some nice fruit.  The berry notes are quite favorable and still has a bit of earthiness to it.  It hinges on being medium bodied and has retained some of the tannins, which have softened over time.  This wine balances well with spicy cuisines and likewise can stand on its own.  Serve chilled and enjoy this tasty fruitful treat.

IMG_9113 - Water 2 Wine - South African Pinotage - NV


This lovely white blend makes a great summer time option to enjoy alone or as a beautiful white for pairing with dinner.  The elegant aging color of this wine only adds to the visual experience. The notes are still holding up well and one can detect hints of floral aromas on the nose. Tasting notes include melons and citrus still present along with some honeysuckle. The acidity is bright and overall this white wine still has a nice finish.  This one pairs well with that fresh salmon, mild fish dishes and vegetable dishes. Though you may no longer be able to find this vintage, newer ones should be relatively easy to find and we think white wine lovers will enjoy this one.

IMG_9111 - Llano Estacado - Viviana - 2009.JPG


Behold! This blend of Syrah, Cabernet, and Merlot reveals some delightful signs of life after several years in the cellar. The acids are good and it still holds a nice balance.  This wine also has a nice finish that tapers off quickly.  Some of the fruit notes are hard to discern in the nose, but this one still has a pleasant sensation overall when you sip and savor.  The color is showing signs of aging and is getting lighter.  If preserved well in the cellar, this could hold for another year.  We don’t recommend aging this one too much longer though and suggest if you have any bottles lingering in your cellar to pop the cork and enjoy them now. Cheers!

IMG_9058 - Arche_ Wines - 2010 Red Table Wine 228


A well-aged Cabernet is one of those great treats to have and enjoy. This 13- year old bottle of wine has held up well.  It’s just beginning to turn, but still drinkable.  Do let it sit for an hour to enjoy the best that this wine has to offer.  There are good notes of flavorful blackberries and cranberries to be enjoyed, followed by a touch of cherry that comes afterwards. There is a sense of light herbaceousness and green pepper as well. Some mild tannins still linger, but overall it has smoothed out quite nicely.  A great wine to repeat again if you have another.  Enjoy well our wine friends!

IMG_9056 - Unionville Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon - 2004


Oh man!  What a pleasure it is to enjoy such beautifully aged wine.  The light ruby red color is tantalizing to watch on that first pour.  Though this wine lacks a strong or significant bouquet on the nose, it still packs some intense strawberry and cherry flavors with a touch of creaminess. This lovely red is unfiltered, so you get all the best natural notes in this wine. Though there is a slight earthiness, this one is not as overpowering as other similar Texas Sangiovese wines can be. The acids and tannins are still holding well and have contributed to this beauty aging nicely and having the ability to continue to be enjoyed for a little while longer. Good thing there is another one in the cellar to check out in a few years! We always appreciate the wines from Solaro, as their reds are fabulous and can lay down for a while, providing the opportunity to enjoy them for many years to come. As such, you can still acquire their 2010 Sangiovese Reserve bottles and other fine wines at their winery and we highly recommend you visit them if you have not already tried any of their wines. Cheers!!

IMG_9052 - Solaro Estate - Sangiovese - 2010