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We could hardly believe that we were saying, “Wow! This wine can just keep aging…” Take note at the exception of this well-made hand-crafted wine from Nevada.  The acids are perfect for this beauty. The excellent tannins present a pleasant long-lasting finish. This one exemplifies why Cabernet Franc can be addicting. On the nose you will note the enticing aroma of black licorice tempting you. The notes range from bell peppers, to plums, and a hint of strawberry in this medium-bodied wine.  The flavors meld nicely and allow this wine to pair nicely with many dishes. If you’re patient and want the best that this wine has to offer, make sure you allow it to breathe for an hour or so before you drink it. Best of all, if you are really patient and have some of these bottles in your cellar, just let those extra bottles sit a little longer, as this one can still cellar for a while longer. There were no signs of degradation in this 2007 vintage. A wonderful long-term wine for the cellar to be enjoyed throughout the years to come! 

IMG_0885 - Pahrump Valley Winery - Loken Cabernet Franc - 2007


Who says Texas Sangiovese wines can’t age? Given good fruit and a good winemaker, great things can happen. Let’s also not forget a good cork to keep the wine well protected. It’s always a pleasure to pour an aged red and see that little has changed for this ruby red wine. The fruit has lost some of its bright berry notes, yet still presents both cherry and plum making this still a very enjoyable wine. The tannins are notable, but are softening up a bit, however, there is still a decent finish. There is sufficient acid to help compliment your favorite Italian dishes. Anyone else still have a few bottles?  No problem!  Keep them well cellared and try one in couple of years and compare. We think you will be equally impressed with this one. Enjoy!

IMG_0883 - Flat Creek Estate - Super Texan - 2010

Another great wine has been blessed with age!  This red blend of Mourvedre (30%), Grenache (37%), and Tempranillo (33%) exhibits some of the most elegant characters of these three varietals. Yes, this wine does need some breathing time of at least an hour or more if you are to thoroughly enjoy what it has to offer. Once it breathes though, the notes can be complex initially, but you will find dark berries followed by some cherry and a touch of leather. This is a good medium bodied wine with a lingering dusty pleasant finish.  The tannins are holding up quite well, so if have a few bottles left, they can remain cellared for a while longer. Now that you’ve had a sneak peek on what to expect, invite some friends and enjoy!

IMG_0878 - Solaro Estate - MourvedreGrenacheTempranillo Reserve - 2009.JPG

Oh, how lovely it is!  This refreshing white wine is a blessing for all those who love Trebbiano.   Chilled, this relatively low acidity Texas High Plains wine makes a great pairing for vegetarian and spicy dishes.  The light bodied wine exhibits hints of apple and lemons.  Of course, as temperatures continue to rise, it will be a great one to sip on the back porch.  Enjoy and savor!

IMG_0876 - Pheasant Ridge Winery - Trebbiano - 2017

Look what jewel has been uncovered!  This delightful Merlot has stood the test of time. On the nose, you will detect subtle earthiness followed by cherry and coffee notes. The finish holds quite well for this medium bodied red wine. A bit dusty on the palate, but still lots of character left to it. Surprisingly, little sediment was found in the bottle.  Quite pleased with this lost little gem found hiding in the back of our wine vault and pleased that when uncorked and poured it has held up remarkably well for its age. Pair it  with your favorite hearty protein cuisine or enjoy on its own, cheers to a great turn of the century bottle that made it this far!

IMG_0873 - Toasted Head Winery - Merlot - 2000

Great things come to those who await…or just lose track of a bottle, only to rediscover it!  This light bodied white wine is still holding up quite well. We are pleased to report that the bouquet was still intact with lovely bright fruitful notes. The color was darker than its original pale white spectrum, which is to be expected with aged whites.  There is some loss in flavor profile, but nothing to distract from the enjoyment as pears notes were a strong stand out that tapered off to a clean crisp finish. Due to the fruit notes, we feel this is a great white to celebrate the arrival of those warmer spring days!  Cheers!!

IMG_0831 - Perissos Vineyards -Viognier - 2010

Oh man!  This white Viognier tastes amazing after all these years beyond its release. Color aging…almost nil!  Aromas.…very fragrant.  And the flavors…bold with some spice and mango.  The finish is even still quite long and overall this wine remains very refreshing.  Who is up for another?  Hats off to Driftwood for this excellent Viognier.  Double cheers that it lasted so long via cellaring and retained its beauty!

IMG_9117 - Driftwood Winery - Viognier - 2010