Oh man!  What a pleasure it is to enjoy such beautifully aged wine.  The light ruby red color is tantalizing to watch on that first pour.  Though this wine lacks a strong or significant bouquet on the nose, it still packs some intense strawberry and cherry flavors with a touch of creaminess. This lovely red is unfiltered, so you get all the best natural notes in this wine. Though there is a slight earthiness, this one is not as overpowering as other similar Texas Sangiovese wines can be. The acids and tannins are still holding well and have contributed to this beauty aging nicely and having the ability to continue to be enjoyed for a little while longer. Good thing there is another one in the cellar to check out in a few years! We always appreciate the wines from Solaro, as their reds are fabulous and can lay down for a while, providing the opportunity to enjoy them for many years to come. As such, you can still acquire their 2010 Sangiovese Reserve bottles and other fine wines at their winery and we highly recommend you visit them if you have not already tried any of their wines. Cheers!!

IMG_9052 - Solaro Estate - Sangiovese - 2010



Though darker than most blushes, the Creamy and smoothness of this wine makes it a great summer time enjoyment.  It’s well balanced with good acids.  Raspberries come out after the first sip with that will linger around for a bit.  Take notes of the honeysuckle notes, as well.  This sweet chilled wine will make a great pairing with a curry dish.  Although the winery’s name has changed from Lone Oak to Lost oak, you’ll still get the same great enjoyment from their wines.  Cheers!

IMG_9050 - Lost Oak Winery - Rosa Blanca - NV


Wow!  It’s been seven years at this.  While some may start getting that seven-year itch at doing something and bail, we’re getting that itch to crave more!  While we will have many new varietals and styles of wines on the list to try, we will still honor our past and ensure we enjoy and share with you some of those unique and age worthy wines as well in future postings.  Here’s to looking forward to seven years and more! Cheers to our fans and followers who have joined our journey and stuck with us along the way! We appreciate you as much as the great wine and winemakers we’ve shared through this fun adventure.


Ah…Cava!  What a lovely and enticing Brut selection.  This blend of Macabeo 30%, Parellada 30%, Xarel lo 30%, Chardonnay 10% is just the right way to start you’re your feast.  Take a good long inhale after the first pour and soak up those pear and lime aromas.  Yes, it is quite refreshing!  The sharp acidity and citrus finish is one of the memories you’ll want to repeat again and gain.  An elegant choice for the elegant palate.   Enjoy well!

IMG_9048 - Villa Conchi - Cava - NV


Nothing like an early 20th century building in a small town to help set the mood for your wine tasting experience.  “Iron Star Hall” is the location of owner’s Kevin and Dana Flanigan’s winery.  Over the years, the two building sites have been a lumber store and post office.  It also served as a setting for the movie, “Newton Boys”.  The interior is quite spectacular and does have that 1920’s feel and look of the movie set hotel and bar. They’ve been opened since September of 2016 during the last Oatmeal festival and have been serving up some good wine & spirits along with some great story telling.  There are currently five wines available for tasting.  During your tasting session, Kevin will guide you through his sommelier experience and make sure that your sight, smell, and tasting experience is well done.  Along the way, he may tell you some interesting stories and jokes to help keep things lively.  The 2015 Viaggio is a dry white blend of 50% Muscat Blanc and 50% Muscat Canelli.  It’s loaded with citrus aromas and some tartaric acids.  Ironically, as you let it linger, it does smooth out for a nice finish.  The 2015 Rose’ is made from Mourvedre.  It has honey and cranberry notes and is perfect for these 100+ degree days in Texas.  The Bear is a 50/50 Merlot and Sangiovese blend using old world style techniques.  It is tannic with a long finish.  The Slainte is a new world style of 35% Malbec, 35% Mourvèdre, 9% Petite Sirah, 12% Petite Sirah, 6% Tannat, and 3% Alicante Bouschet.  Everything but the kitchen sink, right? It is quite fruit forward with some tobacco notes and is well balanced.   Last is the Marmalada.  It’s a sweet blend of Chenin Blanc, Viognier and Merlot.  Chilled, this makes a great light bodied wine that is smooth and refreshing and delightful for summertime sipping.  In addition to the wine tasting, there is a spirit tasting to do, as well.  Trust us, Kevin won’t let you out without trying them.  We might have to setup a separate blog for these, but you will get the level of quality tasting experience as you do with the wine and some good stories from Kevin.  This is a nice addition to the Bertram area and is worth the stop on your way out to the Hill Country.  Cheers!

IMG_9053 - Flanigan's Distillery & Winery


This Blanc du Blois white wine is quite refreshing for those casual light dishes or can be enjoyed entirely on its own.  This white though is somewhat crisp, yet not as strong as other crisp whites. This is also nicely balanced and easy to sip. On the nose, you get those lovely summery citrus notes that help transport you to a relaxing tropical place. Due to the crispness of this wine, it is ideally served chilled. It is a great way to complement your evening snacks as you begin to unwind and relax or would also make a great wine for brunch.  Enjoy!

IMG_9042 - Weinhof Winery - White Hof - NV



This red wine is a blend if Merlot (47%), Cabernet Sauvignon (44%), and Malbec (9%).  From the back of the label, it looks like the grapes were sourced from California.  This red was created in a Bordeaux style and although non-vintage, this bottle is about 10 years old.  It is declining, so sadly we did not pull it to try in its heyday, however, it still maintains some of the fruit and smoke flavors that made this wine very enjoyable. Cherries still stand out the most and there is a tobacco sensation on the palate.  The acids are tolerable with a nice fatty dish.  Temper this nice red blend with a great cut of meat and veggies for a pleasant delight! Check our other great wines offered by this winery at their website link below.

IMG_9040 - Time Ten Cellars - Le Libertin - NV