Well, let’s just get right down to it. By the time this gets posted, Alamosa will likely be closed. Yes, it takes us some time to write, proof (as best we can), process the picture, and queue to posting. Specifically, we drank this one on 8/5/2015. But good wine and a good posting deserves patience. This Syrah is worth your time. First of all, let it breathe for at least thirty minutes. Why? Because that’s just one of the habits a good wine drinker does with this kind of wine.   And this wine certainly deserves that much time. Tease yourself if you must between opening and the final pouring with sample sips as the flavors will change as the wine unfolds for the better. We know a good red wine drinker can wait just a bit longer for the first pour to ensure it is just right. The “punchy” fruit aromas are there to greet you, but the best satisfaction is in the taste. You’ll note some spiciness, followed by distinct peppery and some mild herbaceous notes. As you linger over that first sip you realize you’re enjoying a very long finish…..maybe a bit longer than normal. It’s a beautiful red that is full bodied and definitely good to enjoy now, as well as one that will keep well in the cellar for a while. Cheers amigos and farewell to our friends at Alamosa! We have enjoyed your wines, your camaraderie, humor, creativity and most of all your impact made in helping to forge the expanding Texas wine industry. You’ve made a lasting mark in the Texas wine journals and along the wine trail and we will forever be grateful to you for your role. We raise our glass in your honor!

IMG_8047 - Alamosa Wine Cellars - Syrah - 2010